Jerome Harris is a graphic designer, educator, and curator. He holds an MFA from Yale University and a BA from Temple University.

As, Not For:
Dethroning Our Absolutes

As, Not For poster

As, Not For is an incomplete historical survey of work created by African-American graphic designers over the last century. The exhibit seeks to question, inspire, activate, and challenge the design community and beyond with the objective of promoting the deep history, design theories and aesthetics of African-Americans.

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Panels & Lectures

Black/Design History, Theory, & Practice Seminar

Princeton University, 2019

Google SPAN Conference

Brooklyn, NY, 2019

Core 77 Conference

Brooklyn, NY, 2019

Black In Design Conference

Harvard University, 2019

Typographics Conference

Cooper Union, 2019

Design Activism, Guest Lecturer

Viginia Commonwealth University, 2018

AIGA Emerge Week, Baltimore

University of Maryland, 2018

As, Not For: The Soundtrack

Design Theory and Practice, Ellen Lupton, MICA, 2018

Incentivizing Responsible Design

Howard University, 2018

Multidiciplinary Practice Panel

Senior Seminar, Sandra Maxa, MICA, 2017


Form And Meaning

Rutgers University, 2020

Advanced Design:
Guest Artist

Cooper Union, 2019

Intro To Interactive Design

MICA, 2017—2019

Systems Design +
Conceptual Thinking

MICA, 2018

Intro To Motion Design

MICA, 2017—2018

Intermediate Graphic
Design, Assistant

Yale University, 2015